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Michael Shepherd
Michael Shepherd Oct 26 '17

Any idea  when I will be seeing my photographs from previous site transferred to this one.

Many thanks

Paul Sherwood
Paul Sherwood Oct 29 '17
Aye up Mick, I cant work this site out, can you? or am I the only one, Sherm
Michael Shepherd
Michael Shepherd Oct 29 '17
No mate you are not.Tug Wilson has also commented on the lack of photos being transferred from the old site.It has been said that all photos will be transferred but that was sometime ago.The trouble is I have no copies of those that I have posted .So it’s gone gone .
Michael Shepherd
Michael Shepherd Oct 29 '17
Admin Oct 30 '17
Sorry for the delay, things have been hectic in my life recently, as for the photos, just working on it, I'll be uploading them though they won't be in any particular order. - Ken